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T-TOMI Abduction pants are specially designed for newborns and babies to whom the Paediatric Orthopaedist recommended wearing two (disposable) nappies to keep baby’s hips in the correct position - orthopaedic “wide positioning”.


All pants are professionally handmade to the highest standards with a sewn-in layered nappy cloth – equalling 2 high quality folded cotton muslins. Abduction pants can be used as an effective preventive orthopaedic aid for healthy hip development.


Abduction pants are not absorbent and therefore a disposable nappy is also required. Abduction pants are worn preferably over the first layer of clothing (jumpers, tights, overalls). The outer layer is made of pure cotton in various modern designs with a Velcro fastening at the front. Abduction pants are available in 2 sizes – for babies 3-6 kg (6.6 to 13.2lb) and 5-9 kg (11 to 19.8lb). Abduction pants are breathable, comfortable, easy to use and maintain.



  • Patented design - Design No. 006560249-0001
  • Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Certified
  • Orthopaedist approved - T-TOMI Baby Abduction Pants are an effective aid to keep baby's hips in the correct position for healthy hip development. - Karel Rocak, Paediatric Orthopaedist
  • Environmentally friendly - kinder for the environment than using two disposable nappies
  • Material 100% cotton - machine washable, can be tumble dry
  • Filling layered diaper-material – corresponding to 2 folded cotton muslins
  • Easy fastening thanks to a Velcro strip
  • 2 sizes - suitable from birth to 6 months
  • Fun designs
  • Professionally handmade


Always follow your doctor’s recommendations.

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