Our Story:

We know how hard it is to be told that something’s not quite right with your baby. Your heart is racing and you’d do anything to fix your little one. Your mind is racing too. How can you help them? What can you do for them right now?

That’s exactly how we felt when the doctor told us that our little Vanessa had shallow hips, a form of hip dysplasia. We tried using two disposable nappies over each other just as they suggested, but her hips didn’t improve. Unless there was visible progress in the two weeks before her next visit, we were told that Vanessa would need to wear a hip brace. Our 8-week-old baby would be strapped up 24 hours a day for the next 6 weeks. For another 6 weeks after that, we’d gradually reduce the amount of hours. But that’s still 12 weeks our beautiful baby would be strapped up in an uncomfortable brace. It looked like it was taken straight from the middle ages! We couldn’t do that to her.


That was the moment. The moment we looked at each other with the same thought in our minds and feeling in our hearts. ‘There must be something else!’

We researched everything available here in the UK. We couldn’t find anything. So we turned to the Czech Republic, our home country. Over there they had exactly what we needed – abduction pants! They’re even recommended by doctors and commonly used too. We’re lucky enough to have two paediatricians in our family who helped us to find the perfect product. That’s how we discovered T-Tomi. We arranged for the abduction pants to be shipped over to us here in the UK and put our baby in them immediately.

Vanessa has a strong personality so we were worried she would find them uncomfortable. Especially wearing them 24/7. She would definitely let us know if she didn’t like it. We were amazed – she didn’t mind at all! She moved freely, just as she did in her nappies. Together with lots of tummy time, we did what we could to improve her clicky hip condition.

On the day of our appointment, we were so nervous. The results? We couldn’t believe it. Her hips had made fantastic progress! The orthopaedist was so happy with the condition of her hips that she released us from the clinic. She was amazed just how successful the abduction pants had been. She even took a photo of them and said they should be available in every single hospital!

So that’s why we’re here. We want to spread the word about the positive treatment of hip dysplasia and help all those families who are worried about their baby’s health and happiness. Just as we were for Vanessa. ♥

With love,

Iva, Jan & Vanessa x

Our Supplier:

When it comes to buying a product for your baby, you want to be sure that you choose one that’s best for both you and your little one. That’s why we chose T-Tomi. It’s not just about the product, it’s about the people behind the product too.

T-Tomi is a family run company that started their journey 10 years ago in a similar way to us. The owners were looking for high-quality muslins, baby cloths and reusable nappies. They wanted to find the very best products too. They couldn’t find what they needed, so they started their own company.

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